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Coach & Mentor for Female Business Owners

It's your business, so run it your way.

Following someone else’s approach to business might work in the short-term, but long-term is likely to lead to stress, overwhelm and maybe even burnout.

When you start putting more of yourself into your business, like your goals, your values and your strengths, your business will become easier and more sustainable.

Do you find you don’t know where your next client is coming from, you are working long hours, undercharging, experiencing imposter syndrome or feel stressed or overwhelmed a lot. Running a business really doesn’t have to be like this.

I built my business around my family, where my main goal was to spend as much time with them in the school holidays and be at the school gates for pick up as much as possible, while at least replacing my full time salary. And I managed all of this while building a sustainable and profitable business. I put systems and strategies in place that enabled me to do this and 7 years later those strategies are still paying off. I can help you do that too.

Working with me you will benefit from my coaching, NLP and positive psychology certifications, my degree in Entrepreneurship and my 18 years experience in marketing management and running my own marketing agency.

So whatever stage you are in business, if you need some support to get you to the next stage, whatever that looks like for you, book a free discovery call to find out how I can help.

Generate a consistent FLOW of leads in 8 weeks.

Once you have found your marketing style, it all starts to feel easy.

No more scraping around for social content to make sure you are "consistent" and seen. No more spending all your income on courses for the next answer.

It doesn't have to be difficult, the more of "you" you put into business, the easier it becomes, and I will teach you how. during FLOW.

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Want my help building your business around your life?

Did you start a business to enjoy more flexibility, more money and more freedom? But instead you are working longer hours, feel more stressed than ever and struggle to make ends meet?

FLEX is the highest level of support I offer over 6 months, you will receive coaching, mentoring and accountability.

This programme is for you if you are really ready to make a change and put your everything into it.

Your Niche Breakthrough

Struggling to decide on your niche?

This self-paced instant access course will help you:

💸 Discover your authentic, lucrative niche

💙 Attract and keep more ideal clients

🚀 Quickly get out of "niche overwhelm"

🥰 Reveal your most lucrative niche

🚀 Determine if you niche is the right audience for you

💸 Create authentic marketing messages

🚀 Develop a plan to use your niche straight away

When you sign up you will get lifetime access to this self-paced course. Please note there is no 1 to 1 support with this course.

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